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Kids and Moms or Dads, let's be Spanish Detectives!




2-month sessions--12 classes

About the Course

Playful youth language lessons in Spanish I utilize stories and songs—some familiar, some cultural—that provide continuous opportunities to learn and acquire a new language just as an infant and toddler learns a first language. Spanish Session I will be taught via pictures, gestures, and movement within stories and songs, your child will be introduced to and gradually acquire basic, high frequency verbs and vocabulary appropriate to young learners. Some often-used verbs include have, be, do, make, say, go, take, come, see, get. Additional vocabulary within stories and songs enrich this list.

TERMS: July-August/September-October/November-December/January-February/March-April
  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays

  • 9-9:30am

July-August | Let's be Detectives!

NEW: Our many songs about summer clothing items, cold/warm weather words, snacks, and body part names introduce us to Spanish. Playing copycats shows us how imitating each other’s actions helps us play and learn Spanish. Picture clues in mini poems and stories introduce us to names for a few months and recycle other vocabulary we learn. Good detectives listen, watch and participate during our lessons.

September-October | Monsters are Lovable! 

NEW:  Señor Cocodrilo, our friend, introduces us to some colors (blue, black, red, yellow, orange, green, pink, white). We learn words for our feelings and Halloween.

REVIEW: We add to our list of months & review and recycle vocabulary from July-August.

November-December | I Like Snowmen! 

NEW:  Let’s talk about our friends, the Snowmen, at different times of the year. Spanish detectives pay attention to gestures and sign language to help learn new words and practice ones we have been hearing. Our games incorporate this learning as well. Actions and friends are the focus of this month’s stories.

REVIEW: We will do a review and recycling of previous months' vocabulary in the review portion of the class.

January-February | Counting in the Desert! 

NEW: Counting desert cactuses in our desert stories helps us know the numbers from 1-10 in and out of order. As we read about the desert, we will become familiar with some desert animals.

REVIEW: We will review and recycle previously talked about colors, weather phrases, months, colors, feelings, body parts.

March-April | Desert Sights and Sounds! 

NEW: As we continue to visit the desert, we learn about its weather during the day and night, the sounds of the animals, and its plants.

REVIEW: A review and recycling of previously introduced vocabulary will help us compare the desert and the outdoor spaces near our homes.

Your Instructor

Jeanette Borich

Jeanette Borich

Mrs. Borich's 14+ years of experience teaching Spanish and French for children includes teaching remotely with ages 4-6 and in public and private schools at the K-2 grade levels. She has also taught French, Spanish, and ESL to middle and high school students as well as adults - spanning a career of 40+ years. Her bachelor's degree is from South Dakota State University in Spanish and French, and she holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Iowa State University as well as a certificate in the teaching of reading. Second language learning and teaching and traveling with family are her passions. She is also a Student Teacher Supervisor for Iowa State preservice education students. She looks forward to sharing her love of language and culture with your young learners.

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