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Innovation in 2nd Language Learning

Science-Based Learning Approach

Acquiring a new language is natural for kids and also can be natural for adults. LL|TT incorporates research-informed techniques replicating this process, empowering children and adults to acquire second and third languages while having FUN! For more information on the science informing our approach, click the button below. 

Teaching Philosophy

All in the second language, our songs, movement, and stories engage young and adult learners. Students are immersed in the language by listening, watching, and making connections via pictures. The songs are captivating, the stories are simplified, and the movement/gestures internalize actions, body parts and feelings. Learners interact primarily with me - their learning leader, Mrs. Borich. 

Teaching Technique

We will play and learn together in lessons guided by slides that contain our song and story activities. Students are continually encouraged to gesture, be a copycat as actions are modeled, watch, listen respectfully, take turns by raising a hand, and share/provide feedback at appropriate times.

Each class will recycle and repeat previously introduced vocabulary and will focus on 3-4 new words. Students will never be put "on the spot” or tested during our lessons. The overall goal is to acquire the second language, not to study it or memorize vocabulary. Production will not be forced, but participants will be encouraged from time to time during each lesson to repeat or sing highly repetitive songs. 

Class Experience

Students connect well to hands-on activities and concrete language. Over time, the recycling and repetition within lessons affords young learners both conscious and subconscious acquisition of a 2nd language. Young and older learners love simple stories and songs that help them “forget” they are hearing a new language.  2nd languages will be taught via pictures, gestures, and movement within stories and songs, your child or you (as an adult) will gradually acquire basic, high frequency verbs and vocabulary appropriate to your age as a learner.

After-Class Engagement

LL|TT believes strongly in empowering language learners to integrate language learned into their everyday lives. We have designed an approach that enables parents and caregivers time to aid their young ones - or you as an adult learner - in adopting vocabulary and cultural concepts into their day-to-day activities, in a time frame that works for you. Our rich pdf LL|TT Packets have a ton of engaging and interesting repeating and extra info and materials for you or your child to truly learn the second language. 

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